Monday, January 9, 2012

Chillin Calendar Journal for January 2010

Splashes of winter blue dispite the lack of snow here in North Pittsburgh started my two page spread for my January journal calender. The celebratory feeling of new years spured the the spray you see in the  top left corner made with daubber bottle .

 Flicks of one of my favorite colors purple is added. Softening areas with snow cap daubber paint.

Some details of silver and then the layout of blocks for the days of the weeks.

This month I added some folded blocks. Where I can add more writing and spots of drawings. For the most part ramdomly placed but also I thought about what we might be doing like on the weekends where more journaling room would be nice to have. I can always cut the flaps off if I don't need them.

Softening the text of my day blocks is easy with the dauber paint. I used white bur any color that would allow your journaling to show could be used.
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