Monday, February 20, 2012

Parrot Caught by Pen While Skating

Well I caught the parrot first on camera, then with my marker while my kids were roller skating...hope you like it just the same! :0)

New water crayons to add to my travel tools. Watercolor pencils and some waterproof makers I keep in one of those bags you get curtains in.

Parrot by Susan Walker all rights reserved 2012
ink and waterpencil/crayon

Images saved on my Kindle from the Aviary are instant reference photos. I like the size better than on my phone when I have the option. a few supplies( pitt artist pen,watercolor pencils some new watercolor crayons you see here and a waterbrush. sketchbook-canson multi media) and some time sitting while my kids are roller skating allow a perfect way to steal some sketching time. We were at the roller rink about 6 hours. and my kids are getting to the age where mom isn't so cool to hang with and stop back mainly for money...One of my daughters friends asked if I like being an artist. My response was yes because I always have something to do I love. (they are use to seeing me sketch out, on field trip bus etc. ) I am never alone with my sketchbook near by. 
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