Monday, March 5, 2012

Beagle and Cat found in Purple One Evening

A few sketched as the end of the day. I had a purple ball point pen on the nightstand and a small sketchbook. I was too snuggled in and comfy to get up and get a 'art' pen. and this works just as well.

Our beagle Lucy settling down for the night.

The geese were sketched from a photo I took and stored on my Kindle Fire (TM). Then Mini our cat jumped up on the bed for a few sketches. Drawing the animals is always a good art exercise in keeping up with movement.

Another reference photo stored on my electronic devises. When I have a few minutes I store photos I have taken and that might be of interest to draw on my phone, Kindle and net book. This way I have gleaned the reference and can just open my photo gallery and quickly find something to sketch when I have a moment. It is very effortless.

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