Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Growing in the Wind

by Susan Walker all rights reserved 2012

Pigma Micron.02, Pitt Artist Pen XF and ink with Watercolor Pencil
 in Handbook Journal Sketchbook

As I have mentioned my summer did not start out the way I had planned. And we all know what happen to plans…so I have been really pondering, praying and searching what these changes mean for me. After an evening of a pity party more moments of pity and doubt I have pulled out my some of my favorite podcast to re-listen with an new direction and open mind and created a new plan. What I can do, learn, apply and achieve given the changes in my life right now. I hope to get back to instructing in the fall but I am not thinking about that. And if so it is going to be at the parks and rec or a facility that can take care of the majority of marketing and registration. OK-I gave it a little thought already.
SSSOOO part of my new plan is to get up early and sketch most mornings. This is my first sketch. Knowing I have to stay home while my kids sleep, I took a look around my house, made a list of potential subjects and I have begun. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was the other night as I found TOOK the time to add color and finish up the second of my sketches.
Such a little thing but I was tickled with myself. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
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