Wednesday, January 9, 2013

30 in 30-Day 8 a "Bright Adventure"

"Bright Adventure" 4" x 4"
original mixed media by Susan Walker
Click here for purchase information 
Well here in the evening of day 8 I finally have a finished painting to post. I am so excited with this one too. I just love the color combination and the way it makes me feel. I will sure to be using them more.
I think I have the worst of the week behind me. Several successful appointments with my son Zach at the neurosurgeon. Plugging away at his hand therapy 3 days and 1 speech appointment a week...An overnight stay for a video EEG with goal of getting of last med. holding a cold at bay, and OH that homework... and I am still getting some painting done. I think I am getting a little bit of a  grove going with this. Can't wait to see what is accomplished by day 30.
 Definitely feeling hopeful in getting to day 30! 
Thanks for sopping by, now off to get some rest
before another early start.  
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