Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Church in Ink and Watercolor down in the Srip

Paint Out in the Strip District of Pittsburgh. I wasn't sure where I would be so I packed light. A small stool/pack combo, small watercolor set, water pencils, some waterproof markers, pencil, phone for music and camera. Along with my small Olympus tough digital camera. OH, and my 5.5 x 8.5 Hand journal sketchbook. It was beautiful weather after a few days of some really cold days.
Intrigued by the architecture of the old church but I wasn't excited about taking on the entire building. Laying out the basic structure in pencil I began layering sepia micron marker and watercolor. Trying to keep ink work at a minimal until I lay in some watercolor.

The view from my stool on the sidewalk in Pittsburgh, PA
St. Slanislaus Kostka Church

Rebecca with Pastels
 Some Oil Painters

My start with a sepia Micron pen
My final ink and watercolor
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