Saturday, June 8, 2013

Paint Out at the Washingtons Landing in Pittsburgh,PA

Another great location in Pittsburgh, PA. Washington's landing on the north shore with the Pittsburgh Outdoor Painters.. It offered buildings. Both industrial and residential. Waterfront views, boats, dinners at the marina grill. The Pittsburgh skyline. Gardens along the bike trail. I will sure to be going back to sketch, dine and probably bike with the kids.
My view at the waterfront. I am attempting mixed media on my page before sketching/painting. This page I  stamped first with waterproof black ink.(Stazon found in the scrapbook section of art/craft stores). It was OK but I think gave a bit of a dirty look or busy...I may try next in a grey ink.
I began a rough sketch then inking with a micron pen with color in watercolor.
 Here are a few artist on location.
Nora and Rebecca working in oil.

Pat working in oil


Nancy and fellow artist keeping cool in the shade. Pastel, Watercolor and sketching going on here.
If you would like to try some painters and sketcher in your area try the Meet Up site


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