Monday, August 5, 2013

" Hot Summer Night In Portersville" Only 16 Days Away! Lots to do. :}

Something about a short deadline. Doesn't give me time to fiddle around. I mean last night I made a list of things I would like to-do and need to do for this event. I am assisting Nicolette in any way I can. Encouraging support and helping to get the word out mainly and I want to figure out a nice summer snack. I am thinking about my 'smores dip'. Any other suggestions?
 So today  I am off and running.

Order more note cards.
Make fliers to pass out and leave around town
PAINT of course. (actually have several upcoming events and classes to prepare for)
Brochure needed of upcoming events and classes to share.

That is my main list at the moment.
Anything you see I forgot?
One of the current mixed media piece in the works.
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