Monday, August 19, 2013

Art Event Planning coming along-3 More Days!

It is just 3 more days till “Hot Summer  Night in Portersville ”event I am participating in. I need to finish up one last piece of art and get to business. with creating new work. Time runs out so fast. Doing an art show or event is more than just creating new work. There is that business side of it where marketing materials like business cards, note cards workshop list, raffle tickets, price list, sales slips and a number of other oddities.
I am also revealing several new pieces. Colorful, whimsical , encouraging and a few from a subtle color palette. I am having such a hard time not sharing with you as I go! I can't wait for you to see them. For the collectors who can't make it or do not live near by, they too will also be apart of the event by receiving my eNews and updates so they too won't miss a thing. If you want to be in the loop just sign up here. It goes out 5pm eastern Wednesday night!

Ok I am so excited about these new is a tiny peak at 2 anyway!

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