Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hot Summer Night Cookie from Joanne Fluke

Pineapple Whippersnapper Cookies from the Joanne Fluke book "Red Velvet Cupcake Murder" seem like a good choice for a summer cookie. Pineapple,coconut and whip cream. I am looking for something to make for the Hot Summer Night in Portersville event. I' ve  listen to all of her books at one time or another while painting. They're family friendly too. Only down side...they can make me hungry,and not for carrots!
They were pretty easy to make. As a cake mix was the main mix. They cooked in only 11 minutes instead of the 15 for me. I have dark cook sheets. So far family likes the. Though pineapple and actually coconut is over light in flavor. The entire cookie is light and airy. I'm going to save them to serve as dessert for pizza,pool & poker night.( I mean swimming and a math/ coin game).
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