Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Menu for a Busy Artist ,Mom, Working Parrent

After participating in January's 30 in 30 for most of the month. Interrupted by the sudden need for cranial surgery in one of my triplet boys. I have come prepared or at least hope I am more prepared for the challenge. Painting was not the problem. At least for me. I set my mind to it and did  it. But for this September one I have done more planning. Prepped canvas panels. Picked a theme and experimented with some new meals and have some good standards on my menu. After painting I too looked forward to something yummy to eat. It wasn't there so much in January...

So today I have been to the dentist for a cleaning, came home to make sloppy Joes. ( I made sure the meat was ready/thawed before I left) switched the laundry I started when I got up. I have baked potatoes wrapped and in the crock pot to go on when I leave to teach. I stopped by the farm market on the way home too for tomatoes to go with my fresh basil and buffalo cheese in a salad that is marinating and zucchini to steam while the kids set the table tonight. We have no soccer either so hopefully a light load on homework, nice meal and a swim is what the evening will look like.

I feel good about the day so far and now off to paint before class at 2. So what do you do to help 'get most of it done"?
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