Saturday, March 22, 2014

Easy Mixed Media Materials # 1 Bubblewrap

Mixed Media is very versatile. You can use art supplies you already have a long with many re-purposed items you have to create an endless amount of textures and effects. Working in ephemeral and found object from person trips, shows and daily living.
I thought I would share some of my favorites.

faith hope love

At the top of the list is bubble wrap. Anybody who has had a class with me knows I LOVE bubble wrap for texture.This comes in several types. I grab whatever I come across. I prefer the bubbles that are filled well to get nice circles. If When someone gets a hold of it and pops the air out of it, it too makes for another unique effect.

Dab paint on with foam/brush or fingers,not getting to juicy and down around 'bubbles'. Simply stamp on your surface.

Lift the 'bubble' out of paint. Then pint on to another area. 

I use it to print the texture as well as use it to remove paint. After placing a juicy layer you can lay it over and when you lift it leaves a reverse pattern. Then print it onto something else

  A few bubbles on a glass art ornament. Fun on many surfaces.

Artful Ornament  $12. each
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