Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lent in the Artful Way You Can Start Anytime

Daily reflecting through miniature pieces of art anybody can do.This Lent I cam across Artful Lent Prompt  by Tamara Paterson. I decided  to try even though I found out about day 8. Better to start somewhere than not at all. Though it is a journal project i applied my twisted line drawings to them, They are black and white art created through, simple, structured patterns in a small size meant to be relaxing and fulfilling.Small in size, 3.5 x 3.5", so it can be completed in a reasonable time= a successful challenge for me.  I thought it would be a great way to better to connect to God. through this gift of creativity and art he gave me. You too can create art for a way to relax and focus.  And to connect to God if you desire. Give it a try.

Day 9: Artful Lent Prompt.
Mark 6:31  Rest

I find much comfort out in nature. The wonder of how things work, grow and work together. I mean there is a full functioning body inside insects smaller than the head of a pin...amazing.
I love trees and what a great place to rest.The sun going down or just coming up at that quiet time. When I can reflect on the day ahead or behind and have a conversation with God.

Day 8: Artful Lent Prompt. 
James 2:17 Matt 5:14.  Comfort
Oh the comfort of my mom./there is nothing like it. She was always there. Now a mother of four, I am often called upon to give comfort. I go to God for wisdom and help with  my kids more often than I bet he wants to hear from me. Comforting is one of the easy parts, the right answers can be the touchy part.
I start with a pencil sketch after I free hand the border. Draw in some of my pattern ideas.Then proceed with putting in the ink lines with a Pigma artist marker, .01 black. 

Day 10: Artful Lent Prompt. 
Matt 11:28. Isaiah 41:3. Isaiah 40:31.  Strength

I get my strength through prayer. I couldn't have gotten through so the many challenges in my life without the strength I get ,conversation,and listening time during my prayers.My patter for the back ground is to lead toward the cross/God. I started with this one pattern inside but ended up not caring for it.


The drops right around the center of the cross represent to me the blood God shed,the tears I shed for what he took on at the cross for me. A lowly sinner.The curly 'plant' pattern with in the 'web'-I weave in my days-is how I grow through my prayer life and relationship with God. Oh and the little swirls on the hands: I pray or talk to God a LOT through my swirly crazy day.Right now I am not sure how to finish off the hands. I will wait to see what is revealed.

Day 13: Artful Lent Prompt. 
Daniel 6:10. Luke 22:39. John 18:2.
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Read more about creating Twisted Line, Zentangle,Tangle doodles go to my post here.

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