Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Day what? bee-lieve Mixed Media

bee-lieve 6 x 6 Mixed Media
$30.  View and Purchase HERE

It has been a good creative week. I am not even sure where I am exactly in the painting challenge. Just I keep painting and loving it. 
Jacob had a basketball game Saturday and during warm up and between his two games I was able to sketch a bit. This kind of time is the best way for me to sketch and keep my creativity and drawing skills practiced.  here are a few of those sketches from those times.

These are the full two page spread. A couple Sunday sermon sketches with my notes.
 As an artist the process of creating images with my notes helps to seal the message in my mind. Similar to my paintings, I can recall if I was listening to a book on tape,podcast or music when I created it. I just take my notes in the next page of my sketchbooks. I covet my sketchbooks so my notes and list are safe there. Easy to reference back as well.  What do you do while you wait? Read,check emails, quiet your mind?

These are created with a sepia prisma micron pen and Tim Holtz distress markers in my 6x6" "Hand Journal " sketchbook.

You might enjoy this post  with more waiting sketches.

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