Thursday, January 16, 2014

Half Way Through 30 day Challenge

It has been a very busy week painting for this 30 day challenge. I am now half way through! Those of you who have been following along, I hope you have enjoyed so far. This week I did one more encouragement with gears. Changing it up next was this bird you see below.  Both I worked on larger canvas'. Something that is not easy for me but I enjoyed more room to move the paint around and layer.  There is always that point in a piece when I have all these bold colors going and it needs to be 'pushed back'. To be made subtle and allow the focal point to pop. On all of these pieces I had to cover most with a layer in this process and reveal the layers after. I am very pleased with the results. I showed collectors in my enews the before picture with bold orange and yellow in the beginning but the final piece it shines through amongst the layers. I have to say each time I do it it scares me. That maybe the color and texture layers will disappear and the result will be flat.
Pleasantly working it carefully I get the result I want. 

Small delights for you too that well, were actually smaller than usual. Hum, but they were so stinkin' Gleeful,Delightful and Joyful  and fun to do! 
Read about the process I call 'pushing it back' here in this post if you like. 
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SOLD 'Change the World'
12 x 16" mixed media
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'Let your smile change the world. don't let the world change your smile'

SOLD 'Goal'  by Susan Walker
8 x8" Mixed media $53.
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 Set of Whimsical Flora

SOLD 'Gleeful'

SOLD    'Delightful'    
3" x3" each. Ready to display or hang. $12. each
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SOLD 'Joyful'

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