Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sketchbook pages in ink:catching up

here is a few pages from my moleskine sketchbook I did while at The Children's Institute with my son. I was busier there with him attending physical and occupational therapy than i was sitting at the hospital. i managed to do a few of these while he slept or while he was in a pool game with a fellow patient. I used. my Artist Pitt pen XF or my micron 03 black pen in my watercolor molskine (the pink label)

Here i started with the bag then added some journal notes later. Came back another night and laid the shell through it and was inspired to jot down a pattern for a future tangle doodle.

This big guy here was in the playroom fish take. he was a good 4 inches. a great subject as when another fish came close he swam around the plant and sat right back where he was. i think he is some kind of algae eating fish.

this one here i sketched of Zach in pencil while he worked in speech. There is a fairly good likeness. I am pleasantly surprised. When I look at it i feel this point we were at. with his almost smooth head and very raw point in all his.
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