Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Art Festivals & Events Benefits Everyone

Festivals begin! Yep, just got my first one of this coming event season for me under my apron on Sunday. HOT AUGUST NIGHT in Portersville PA.Promoted by Nicolette's Tailor Shop, Specialty Gifts. With just over 20 vendors sharing their wares service and music, it is a chance to really connect with the local community and neighbors that travel north from Pittsburgh or South from  Mercer. Just love how they come out and support local business.

Here I am all in my booth with Stray Cat Studio fan...it was a HOT AUGUST NIGHT...they too represent my work in Beaver Falls. Got my 'workin' shoes' on...

Getting out to your local festivals are such a great way to connect to your community,and enjoy the day relaxing, looking at art and socializing with fun,happy people ,art lovers and showing your support to the small business.

 Food...now that is a GREAT reason to go! My family and I are all about food of all kinds.Getting the taste of what local food vendors have to offer and often coming across some really tasty refreshments and menu items. 

Stroll through and take the time to look at what the vendors have brought and all there is to see. They are usually very eager to talk and share what it is they do. That is why they are there. Art festivals are not just for art collectors.It's an ideal place to look for those home decor and  gifts that will help you stand out and find one of a kind items for friends,family and of course yourself. Whether you are looking for pottery,jewelery, sculptures or artwork, it's an easy,exciting way to see a variety original pieces of art and purchase. Who knows, you may be buying from a current unknown artist that may be worth more in the future! WIN WIN.

In general it is an economic way to get out, enjoy a variety of entertainment,music,eat and mingle with a fun creative crowd. Getting to know a community whether you are visiting a city or in your own town. At the same time,enjoying a LOT of eye candy of art in many forms. 

So get out  give it a try if you haven't lately and soak in the celebration!

Here is a sampling form Hot August Night, in my neighborhood..

Harmony Hot Haus playing and keeping us entertained.

Stray Cat Studio demonstrating the pottery throwing wheel.Keep refreshed with Wunderbar's smoothies,cool teas and iced coffees. 

More demonstrations and the chance to see artist working in their craft. Here is new friend Sam Tait of White Oak Studio Gallery working on a watercolor. Bo of Bo's Bodywork sharing the benefits of all natural skin products. she is a wealth of knowledge!

Another new friend, Tiffany London with her bold fish and floral of Farm Girl Graphics.

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