Thursday, September 17, 2015

Observe by Watching and Acrylic Mixed Media Iris

                                              Yogi Berra
book pages, palette knife painting, floral, blue, tan,greens,
Watching Over  22" x 28" 
Mixed Media Acrylic $265.
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Observation:  the activity of paying close attention to someone or something in order to get information
As an artist I am constantly watching and observing. I have been told more times than I can count when I point out something how the person didn't even notice it. My kids are always wanting an electronic to entertain them on car rides, well in general really... I don't get it. I mean the clouds are changing,especially here north of Pittsburgh where we have LOTS of clouds at times. Now the season is changing again. Some tree leaves have started the show and are turning to shades of golden yellow with a few dropping already.Others are just thinking about the change. Then our mighty oak,standing strong and will hold on to its leaves till early spring. And how does it do that through the chilling cold and strong winds of winter?
Fields of greens, not just a single green, but have you really observed the shades of green alone? Look quickly as they are being washed away with rolling tans,creams of seeds ready to run about and plant their feet warmly in the soil for the winter and cornstalks fading into new shades. I can go on.
Observing and then recording the world around me is part of who I am. Putting down in paint,color choices and the images I choose all to express and emotion,feeling or memory to share. It is in pictures I take trying to capture the beauty in front of me, not always getting it in a way that evokes the original emotion in the first place but wanting to record it just the same.
All this observing does lend itself into my play and work. Then using things I learn from all this observing in my journals and in my paintings like this acrylic mixed media one WATCHING OVER. The leaves just seem to disappear somewhere down into the earth as they grow and just give beauty and support to the blossoms.I showed that with no definite ground and allowed the blues and purples of the petals to stand out and watch over. Look closely too and there are surprises of textures and patterns.

Step out and observe today. See what new things you observe. You won't be disappointed.
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