Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Acrylic Painting Technique for Landscape-It's in the Gift!

green,tan,blue, book text, gift-card,palette knife painting

It has just been beautiful hear north of Pittsburgh for a couple of weeks. We just has a day of rain but the sun is out and it IS INSPIRING as it bounces of the changing greens,tan and incoming reds. So I began this little number. Actually 12 x 28" I think. 

Below shows the first layer of papers.
As the greens of the land is taking shape, I will continue to build up layers, colors and textures.Here already you can see how I have a pop of turquoise in this layer,which I let dry first, among the greens and tan together while they are both wet. As that area dries, I rotated the panel and worked the sky.I used gift cards and pallet knife for a lot of the applying of paint.Actually for taking away a lot too. :0) 
Below shows the first layer of papers.
artist life, paper collage,green,tan,blue, book paper art

Being careful as I paint, I allow some of the paper patterns to peak through.
I intend to mix it up a bit more with pattern and papers as I go. It is one o the characteristics of mixed media art that I love, the endless possibilities and combinations.
book pages,green,tan,blue, turquoises,

I am pretty happy with where this is going.
I let it dry as the texture medium is naturally thick. It also allows me time to process my next move.
What do you think so far? Any titles come to mind?

Stop back to see the how she grows! 
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