Monday, March 21, 2016

I Finally DID IT after all these years!

Doing it right on the main highway in Portersville, PA! Yep,first time!  I have a studio and gallery/retail space outside of my home!!
After doing some deep thinking,making the decision to move out, I began my search. I had my eye on this place for a while but was out of reach. Looking at a couple of options ,I got an invite to this house. I find it confirming that I came full circle back to this. It's a 1830's farm house. Six rooms and a great little kitchen to boot.


This is going to be the classroom area. Yep,fireplace works.

One of  these rooms upstairs I believe will be my studio work space.
That blue wallpaper has GOT to come off, walls patched and painted,lighting fixtures....but not much heavy duty work.
I'm so EXCITED! I'll keep you updated as progress is made. :D
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