Saturday, April 23, 2016

Once You Learn...You Will Never Forget

Once you learn,you'll never forget...riding a bike that is they say.
My early years of bike riding for me began on a tricycle. I can see it. Not the shinny new version but the one that has miles on it. My knees knocking out f bars because I've out grown it. But still cool to ride a friend on the back, race around the porch taking bends on two wheels. So many joyful memories are associated with bike riding. Summer afternoons, family outings, being old enough to ride to a friends house. How cool we were. And now as I get older, cruising on the bike relishing the sights the sounds the company.
Calming colors of blue and cream. Fun circles that roll through the journey and number 5 (it represents balance. The dot in the middle being the center for the other halves to balance on)
Encouraging words for anyone's adventures past or present.
 Never Forget
10" x 10"
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