Friday, June 10, 2016

Bonus as Artist...View from Office

What can I say...brought kids for school Kennywood Amusement Park day. They're at the age I knew they would ditch me...
Seriously though thought we'd get past gate!
But now I'm set up in my "office" ready to sketch. As was my plan all along.;0).
Brought my favorite sketchbook-by Handbook,mechanical pencil- no sharpening required, waterbrush,eraser, watercolor set,head phones,sun glasses,glasses....My little monster case has some dbl sided tape,scissors,sharpener for a few colored pencils,pigma markers...mints, couple dollars
and Coke Zero.
Ready to go!
So easy to through a fee things in a bag. I'll use my phone( which I'm writing this post with) to take photos incase I want for later or move with the kids. More than I bet I use but it's my standard and most important to pack!!
Stop back for I'm off to do just that.
Give it a try in your neighborhood sometime.

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