Saturday, July 26, 2008

I have been reading some and looking through published journals of different kinds lately. (see my list to the left) I have found I am picking up little tid-bits here and there that I like and applying them to my sketch book. One thing I am doing more of is writing . I do like that I am recording more of what is going on in the life on myself and family. Though I do not illustrate that with sketches. I mean I am sitting in a doctors office and I sketch a lamp but write about why we are there or how something happened or was said. I guess to I don't find as much interesting stuff there. I mean we are at the Chiropractors 3 days a week...
From Clare Walker Leslie's "Drawn to Nature", I have picked up the habit of recording the weather.Drawing the sun and clouds in the way they are at that moment in time.I get on the net in the am and write the temp and wind. SR(sunrise) SS(sunset) then another site for the moon phase. Which I am learning more about because of this. Periodically through the day I draw what the sun is doing or not at that moment and again write the time. It is just a small note/image but becoming consistent on my pages.
You can see the different look of these pages as to the one on July 28 about the spillway and festival.Again, I am loosing up and making notes of things and emotions going on around me. I use to journal more for my kids by writing about day,event but wanted and thought I should draw more. Now with this combination I just may find a happy style after all.I have a feeling it is going to be a combination from now on.
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