Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ingrediants to a Recipe Card

I signed up to create and then exchange recipe cards with some folks from EDM.Turns out we will be doing 10 originals drawn/painted recipes. I spent several days running ideas around in my head. I want it to be visually colorful and not to much type. -Especially when I have to do 10. I am leaning towards doing 10 of the same.

I had this Strawberry Salad in mind. so I made it and took a few pictures to work from. When I got down to business I looked through an old Rachel Ray Magazine, Pampered Chef Cookbook, and a cook book my "Cranberry Mothers of Multiples" had put together. Studying pictures,page layout with the finished dish. How ingredients are laid out and paragraphs placed. now I spent only about 20 minutes on this but it was very purposeful.
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