Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This isn't gonna keep me from my art anymore!

A project that I wanted to concour when my son a 3rd grader and my bbg triplets joined him in school all day was to organize the "TOY ROOM". A entire school year gone by,many starts and summer half over....I got it done! A couple of Sat. ago 2 children at a time rotated and we emptied the room out and sorted it back in. I had been trying to finish up a day here a moment stolen there. Challenge to be to keep the kids out and stay a head of them.
Well my sister come over yesterday and 5 hours later we are organized, shelves labeled and bins to match!! It is still like that now! kids took some things out and back to their spot they went. YIPPIE!

One less thing on my to do list!!
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