Friday, September 12, 2008

Waiting in line-will draw

I have been involved with a lot of painting lately but on the walls of the house...Still squeezing some sketch time in where I can though. I just feel like the day is left undone when i don't do something in my journal or in my 'waiting book'.
I have been listening to "The Creative Mom podcast" for several months. I recently enjoyed one where she talks about drawing on index cards. while out and about getting school supplies with the kids, I couldn't help but get some blank cards. They now have these nifty index card boxes and I got one of those too! (I just love the looking down the Ilse this time of year!). As i continued looking i found some small acid free gel pens that will fit right in with it WA-LA another little kit.
Here while waiting in the grocery check out line I whipped a index card out and began to draw. I find it very easy as it is a little space, the paper isn't fancy so if I don't accomplish much that is OK. I am drawing. So I can add this to a new place I draw. First time I was OK with the line going slow-other than right before a dentist appointment....
also a EDM drawing #24-fruit and a bit of the evening weather-moon in micron .03 pen.
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