Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Bone Fish Asian Moose While Taylor did a drawing at the Art Cat table.

Three other ladies and my 6 year old daughter went on another sketch crawl Sat February 28Th . We went to the Carnegie Museum of natural History in Pittsburgh,Pa. After a slow start due to the a fire alarm going off...we headed off to the new dinosaur area.

First page-some noticed she had a butterrfly on her shirt so she started drawing bugs
Artwork used with artists permition

I found it quite the challenge to keep track of what bone I was on and where I was headed or had been. My daughter didn't seem to have the same trouble.
She cracked open a brand new mini moleskin ans just got started. No hesitation about the new white first page or anything. Just be bopped from this fossil to that. Recording images and names.She worked hard and I had a great time with her there.

artwork used with artist permission

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