Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Class started"Multiples Streams of income"

Hi to my surprise yesterday was the 7th...I guess I was in quite the vacation weekend mode. To my delight ,in my emails at the end of the day, I got my first assignment from Laura Bray.I singed up for her course called "Multiple Streams of Income" built around her ebook of the same title.
Brain storming ideas was not to hard though the goal is to have 50 new ideas. What struck me was when I got to where I had to narrow down my ideas to 3 I would really like to pursue it got a little interesting. I like a lot of my ideas but to think about waking up everyday to really working on these 3, I found some ideas I thought I would like actually left me feeling ,anxious and uneasy. At first I thought this was just "Oh you don't really want to get to work".When found one I learned I liked and I pictured myself doing this and that one- I had a entirely different feel. My body felt better,my mind could picture me doing this and being excited about sharing it with others. It was pretty cool. So last night I got to know my "gut" a little better and will remember this exercises before I say 'Yes" to projects. Also I found that some ideas are the ones we think we should be doing or others think we should.. Laura mentioned Teaching- turned out it wasn't for her. Where I thought I wanted to do that. With rethought ,the time commitment,baby sitting needed to 'go teach' etc. I don't think I really do want to go that way. Though it would be easy in another sense for me.'Presenting" my method though dose appeal to me. So on to my working on Multiple Streams of Income for my sketchbook journals!
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