Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ride Kids Ride and Sketch on the Rests

Taylor,my daughter, working in her sketchbook

Acorn she found and some experimenting with the Crayola Erasable Twistables (R)

Ride kids ride....yes we got out the only sunny day in WEEKS to put some miles on our new Easter bikes.Packed a few travel sketching items, water and snacks of course. First time out we did the full 14 miles  first time out for the season.We  made it  5 hours later...

This is a view at the swimming area. The water is high here with all the rain we have.The ramp to the dock covered, doesn't stop the kids from exploring out on the dock end.
Sketches by Susan Walkercopy right 2011 all rights reserved

The bike trail wonders close at times to the lake. Ending at one of the marinas that host many pontoons and sail boats. I look forward to making this ride again-though next time I hope it take less than four hours- to sketch some more as the season opens.

My basic travel kit we take. Micron pens (.03 /.05), Pitt Artist Penn xf
 Crayola ErasableTwistables(R) (reg or -they haven't melted in the car for us) Small sketch journals that I make myself but any small light weight drawing/sketchbook for dry media would be fine. Scissors with a blunt end as to not go through the bag so easy and glue in case we find some paper accents to glue-acid free of course, into our books. A double sided sharpie to right over slick brochures and papers.
I am usingparts  this as the basic kit for my summer classes.

Jacob and his new ride ,age 9
Zachary and his new barrowed ride,age 9
He did a great job considering he doesn;t have much strenght in 'lefty yet' .
hopefully by end of summer he can manage the NEW ride.
Taylor, age 8, in her new to her ride. she is not quite tall enough for the next size.
Next year!

I was so proud we made it all the way. what a great day too.
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