Friday, June 10, 2011

Continue to Draw in Ink -An Easy Exercises for Your Sketch Time

So I have a moment at the hand therapy office to sketch but my brain is in neutral. What do I do? Not in the mood to sketch the few people again the same way I usually do. What do you do? OH yeah- blind contour line drawing-An easy exercise, fun and unique results. Feet of my son Jacob in his flips was also a nice change in subject that I usually find at this office.
Contour line drawing is where you place your pen on the page,look at the subject-KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE SUBJECT- and draw NOT LIFTING your pen.

Though light here in this image, My journal page was a wash of watercolor. I do these pages ahead. then when I come to it I just work on it. I usually don't skip them. I find it adds a new element and challenge  to that sketch page that I enjoy.

From the Sketch Journal of Susan Walker Art on a map background page.

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