Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Eagle is Penned

 I really strived to do this guy right. Feeling I  have something to live up to when sketching such a magnificent bird. A bird that represents America and freedom to me. I was a bit leery of adding the stripes but I am trying to push myself in my sketchbook pages, layout and overall look. And with ink pen there is no going back so to speak. I thought maybe some color too and well lets just say I am still taking baby steps and didn't want to mess up what I already was pleased with. :///

"Eagle" Pitt Artist ink pen in sketchbook by Susan Walker
 all rights reserved 2012

 I built up the stripes with cross-hatching. Placing lines in one direction and as I moved away from the eagle I let more paper show through. Thus lighter in appearance. Add another layer of lines in another direction. Again spacing the ink lines as I went away from the eagle for the effect i was after. Continue to do this till you get the desired shade. Just practice while on the phone or sitting at an appointment. Ball point pens, marker pencils all work. Each creating different looks and textures.

I learned a lot taking my chance. I will be sure to try more. What is your favorite page layout?

here you can see my date and weather block i include on each sketchbook page.
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