Thursday, March 19, 2015

Love your Neighbor is EASIER than thy Self

Honestly- I am still having trouble with even posting my image. I typed this all my head, I agree.Knowing this is the way but I feel so selfish when I look at the images I drew. How I want to spend some me  time... who do I think I am? How can I do this guilt free? How are the chores going to get done?What am I thinking? What do I let go

"Love yourself first and everything else  falls into line."
                                                                           Lucille ball

Artful lent week 3 has me saying a lot of hmmm. James 2:8-9

My Love Language is doing for others. Simple as that. But, I certainly don't treat myself, my desires, my time like I do my neighbors/others.I think nothing of putting my studio time aside to help at school, run here or there for someone/something. 
"But, if you are showing partiality, you are committing sin..." 
It is hard to think being kind to others, giving of myself, but not honoring the same in myself as sinful. What a mind game.
Going back to also we have to take care of ourselves, eat right, get rest in order to be our best for others. I know this in my head but...

My artful lent piece I put in the things I love to do, what make me happy and feeds my soul. BUT usually the first things I push aside as well. I want it to be a reminder that God wants me to be kind to myself like my neighbors and that its OK to do so.
" Love Yourself as Your Neighbors. "

A peak at my next one I am working on.

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