Wednesday, March 18, 2015


 “These eggs are broken. Cracked."

"Yes, ma'am. That happens sometimes."
"Does it?"
"Yes, it's the unfortunate part of being an egg.” 

Time to gather those eggs!
My inspiration for my eggs came from my love of color and a REALLY Snow white & ICY Blue winter!  I also really get into dying eggs,more so than my kids I think, I boil 6-8 dozen for us just to dye for we can never eat all those but that's not the point. :)

So this year I have applied my painting technique to paper mache' eggs...NO WAY am I blowing out eggs...though this could be applied to real eggs.
                                                      Gesso covered first

Then paint and seal. And gotta' add a few verses and quotes on some!
Set out, Share and ENJOY!

I have a workshop March 29in Harmony, PA if you would like to join me in created some of your own.
click HERE for information & to Register
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