Monday, January 18, 2016

Egg-stravagent Mid-Term Madness

Yes, Eggs and Mid-terms. BUT NOT what you think. My kids are preparing for mid-terms and I am preparing for the Easter season. I brought my 'studio desk' back up to the kitchen table. I do mixed media eggs for the Easter and they start with base coats of color...So I am painting and quizzing!

 Here are some of the first steps in creating my Art Eggs. Layers of color using acrylic paint, sealing and then more layers of color or words, verses and crosses so far. (sealing in between each to keep clear, bright colors).
  Ill use about anything to dry on. Top photos you a glass I was using I just turned upside down, egg cup in process, bottle caps work great (got to collect more of those!) At one point I had an egg drying on the water bottle itself! I just hate to get up and down. ;0/...OH of course and egg carton. Foam works best as less likely to have the wet egg stick to it. You just have to lay them with as little as possible touching on any of the surfaces.
 You may enjoy this previous post on my Art Eggs as well. Click HERE  to view
I use markers too for details.
Visit my website for more finished Art Eggs and listing of Classes if you would be interested in learning how to make your own.
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